Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm back!

For those who may have been unaware, this past year I was in school taking evening classes.  This left me with no time for blogging, hence the large gap between my most recent post and the previous one.  Thankfully I am now done and can devote more time to the blog and answering your questions.

I'm hoping to get through the rest of the sacraments this year, as the whole tour started back in 2009 with Baptism and stalled at the Eucharist.  This was largely due to you, my readers, asking questions about various Catholic teachings like praying to saints or mortal and venial sins.  One sacrament, marriage (matrimony) has been touched on in some other posts, but will get a more thorough look in its own post.

I always appreciate your questions and comments, as it hopefully helps you better understand Catholicism and perhaps realize that we're not quite so wacky as you think!

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