Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

As I was working today, scrubbing toilets, I realized that my job is not much different than what Jesus did for his disciples on this day we celebrate his Last Supper. Here he was, God's Son, washing the dirt off his disciples' feet after a day of walking. It was a sobering reminder that I need to be more grateful for what God has given me.

It also reminded me of a TV show that seems to have rooted itself in many people's hearts: Undercover Boss on CBS. For those who may not know, the premise of this reality show is that CEOs of various companies are, for a few days, becoming the peons and general workers of their business to see how things are going. Generally, they are amazed at the people they meet while doing the various tasks that each of their businesses perform. There is, of course, a reveal towards the end, which leaves those employees speechless. What happens is that because of their experiences, those CEOs make changes for the betterment of employees.

How similar is this to the story of Jesus? Here the CEO of the whole universe came down to our level to change us, transform us, all while being fully human--one of us. He becomes the one who serves, the servant of all, yet still the master of all. Maybe this is why the show is so popular. Do we strive for something greater than us, yet is still accessible? I would think so.

On this Maundy Thursday, may we remember that example Jesus showed us. The greatest among us is the least.