Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had a comment from my last blog that made me realize I perhaps wasn't very clear about the point of these blogs. I want to create a better understanding of Catholicism to both Catholics and non-Catholics, and if there are any questions or comments about my blog posts, please speak up!

I go under the assumption that people are understanding what I'm writing, but if it's not clear, do ask questions so I can clarify or elaborate. It helps me as a writer and also helps you as a reader because I do not want to confuse people.


  1. Please explain the difference in our belief of baptism. It seems Catholics see it as a means of being saved. Being baptized makes them a part of the "Body of Christ". I believe to become a member of the "Body Christ" I must repent and believe on Him. How do you view it.

    I appreciate having a chance to discuss this. Over the years I'v had many things I wondered about. Thanks again for the opportunity to discuss them.

  2. An excellent question! I invite you to read the "Salvation and Works" blog post (Feb. 2009), but I'll try to summarize here:

    Catholics and Protestants view salvation in different ways. The big difference is that Protestantism tends to judge people as worthy or unworthy based on a point in time, that of accepting Jesus as their personal savior. It’s a gross generalization I realize, but how many times have we witnessed altar calls, street evangelization, etc. and seen this put into practice? I speak from my experience on this, which I realize is a more biased view.

    Catholicism tends to avoid judging (though as fallen creatures, we all have that tendency to do so), realizing that it is God who judges us after our life on earth is over. Life is a journey, and we should strive to remain in a state of grace by avoiding sins, confessing them regularly, and participating in God’s work. Catholicism sees salvation as coming at the end of one’s life at the judgment. It is then that we are saved and bound for heaven or damned and sent to hell.

    I hope this helps clear things up. Thank you for your question and willingness to discuss this!