Monday, February 23, 2009


After being out of blogging for a while, I thought I'd start a new one up, though for entirely different reasons. The purpose of this blog is to answer questions that various people have asked of me about Catholicism. These questions have come up primarily because of my journey and recent conversion to the Church. It is my belief that many well-meaning Christians have a misconception of what the Church stands for and believes, and I seek to clear the cobwebs as it were.

My ultimate goal is to create a mutual respect between Catholics and Protestants. I am someone who grew up with these very same misconceptions and have hacked my way through that jungle to find the oasis inside. However, I fully admit that do not have all the answers; I am no scholarly theologian. However, there is a secondary goal to this. In seeking answers to the questions that have been posed and (hopefully) will be posed, I hope to gain an even greater appreciation for the Church and its founder, Jesus Christ.

What I do not explicitly seek with this is to convert people to Catholicism. Should my answers and my reflections drive people to pursue it themselves, then that's all the better. I am not here to force my beliefs on anyone, only explain them in the hopes we can respect each other or at the very least, agree to disagree.

Peace be with you all, and God bless.

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